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Business Women: Is Work / Life Balance Possible?

You are a successful business woman or a top executive. You are so proud of yourself because it has taken you a lot of efforts and sacrifices to get where you are. Of course you should be so proud of yourself. Reaching your goal to get at the top is so rewarding. And you deserve to look after yourself.

But what drve you to that place in the beginning?

It is curious how women tend to overachieve just to earn their freedom. Freedom to live their life the way they want to, to be more than the role they have been boxed in by society.

Of course thinking has evolved and the majority of women work in our western societies. But looking more closely at the reason why it is more accepted to see women work, is more for economic reasons. To make a family unit work financially very often the woman has to find a job and in the major of time it will not be equal pay. Most of the time women are considered as the second income earner.

Most women also raise children, with or without a partner. Having children, having a family is most of the time the main reason women have to go to work, for the financial support.

So, out of a meaningful need to live their own life, and to be respected, some women engage in a long term career. Once at the top they earn the respect and recognition they deserve. And although it might be easier for them financially and therefore on a practical basis such as having a full time nanny, it requires some sacrifices as well.

Holding a top executive position requires dedication, commitment and long hours at work, in an office or on business travel.

So is it really possible to maintain a work / Life balance? It is true that being recognized as a successful person is very rewarding personally and that we all love being acknowledged by our peers, it is also true that most business women do have to make a choice as to where their heart is going.

Not being able to be present for their children when they need them, missing some of their very important growing pains can be very disturbing for a mum. And the same goes for their relations. But there is also a very important factor not to be overlooked: what about themselves?

It is very easy for busy women to put everything and everybody first and one day to realize that they lost track of who they were.

For most of us, in order to have a fulfilling life we ​​need a balance between our personal life and our work. And although a career can be extremely rewarding, in the long run life can be very depressing if not balanced by a happy personal life.

In conclusion, freedom sometimes can have a price and it is up to the individual to make sure that the right choices are made and that we do not lose ourselves on the way.

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