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Career Options in the Aviation Industry

When it comes to the aviation industry, people think of flying. But it's not only about this! This industry is full of adventure, fun, and excitement. Apart from becoming a pilot, this sector has a lot of opportunities in terms of an aircraft mechanic, flight attendant and a lot more.

Aviation industry is the fastest growing industries in India. So, if you want to work in the aviation, you do not have to wait to learn to fly. There are a plethora of job opportunities for you to explore. From air traffic management, technical aspect, aircrew, flying operation and all the other activities that deals with the operation of aircraft are all a part of aviation careers.

Every aviation job position requires a level of eligibility criteria and high-level training. For instance, to become a flight attendant, you need high school education and training that you get while on the job. Whereas to become a pilot, you require a degree and intensive training. As for aviation mechanic or aviation maintenance technician, one must attend technical college.

No doubt there are a lot of opportunities and aviation vacancies out there, so let's explore all those jobs:

1. Airline Pilot – Have you always dreamed of flying? If yes, then you would enjoy a career as an airline pilot. This position requires a college degree and training. As an airline pilot, you must know how to operate an aircraft and follow the safety rules.

In most commercial airlines, "seniority" is the factor to grow your career where the number of flight hours is assigned to the pilots as per their serving period. So, in order to advance in your career, you have to accumulate a certain amount of flight hours.

Airline pilots have lots of other options also such as military pilots, regional airline pilots, test planes, fight fires and monitor traffic etc.

2. Aviation Mechanic – As an aircraft mechanic, you would have needed to have specialization in preventative airplane mechanics. For this, you have to get a degree and learn the skills while on the job.

3. Aviation Maintenance Technician – Responsible for checking and preparing the electric as well as mechanical components of aircraft, aviation maintenance technicians are always in great demand.

These professionals have to perform safety checks and comply with certain standards. This aviation career option offers a candidate several options to specialize in.

4. Aircraft Manufacturing Engineer – If you have an engineering background, this is a lucrative aviation career option for you. Here, you will be responsible for developing manufacturing systems, meeting production quotations and developing the maintenance programs. It is a highly technical job that requires extensive training.

5. Air Traffic Controller – One of the best paying jobs with an associate's degree, it requires a remarkable amount of mental focus as it causes a high level of stress. These professionals work at control towers from where they direct all the air traffic to make sure that there is proper communication landing, taxi, and takeoff instructions.

This is a fast-paced job where the competition is steep. An air traffic controller is responsible for managing all communications and extremely essential, to provide assistance in the events of emergency.

6. Avionics Technician – Also, you can become an avionics technician where you get to work on weather radar systems, components that are used for navigation of aircraft and radio communication among other computers and instruments. These technicians can work odd hours as they often indulge in solving complex electrical problems and are called when their expertise is required.

As you can see, there are a number of lucrative options available in the aviation industry. Although, the salary varies widely here, mechanical and engineering sector has the highest paying jobs. There is a demand for aviation professionals that have specialization in a certain field which is only going to increase over the time.

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