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Do You Need Help With Your Nanny's Employment Contract?

If you're a busy parent, you'll no doubt have given reasonable thought to your childcare options. Whether you opt for a child-minder, nursery or full-time help will depend on what is right for you and your family.

This is something you can seek advice on by asking other parents, either online through a trusted source, or those you know in person – but in the end it comes down to what you feel is best for your unique situation.

Many people decide that employing a nanny is the most attractive option, particularly if they are looking for full time help. Inviting a professional carer into your home, whether they live with you or not, will allow your children to be looked after in a comfortable, familiar space with someone they can build a long-term one-on-one relationship with.

As a parent, having someone you trust to step in to your shoes while you're out at work or fulfilling other commitments is vital. In order to find the right nanny, it's best to go through an agency. Remember that as well as having all the relevant qualification and a clean DBS certificate they will need to be someone you warm to personally.

But what if you've already found the ideal nanny, but do not know the first thing about employing someone? UK law stipulates that you are required to have a contract with your childcare provider within two months of their start date. This must comply with current legislation, so is something you should consider carefully.

This employment contract will also need to be tailor so that it contains the terms of your working relationship. This may appear confusing if you have never had to draw up one of these documents, however, you should refrain from just knocking up something on your computer as it will need to comply with employment legislation in order to be valid.

You also want your new nanny to feel valued and respected professionally. Employment contracts are required for both of your sakes, and he or she may think twice about being in your employ if you can not provide them with a proper, legal document explaining their rights and outstanding their duties.

The best thing to do in this situation is to seek help from a specialist. You can do this online by doing some research into nanny payroll and contracts. There should be a number of companies offering their services to help you manage your administrative duties in this area.

Using an employment contract service, you will now only receive a bespoke legal document you can present to your new employee, but you will also have access to pending legal advice relating to your nanny (including tricky topics like redundancy or maternity leave) for the majority of his or her employment.

It's best to opt for a service that has been specifically designed for parents, that way the professionals you¡¯re dealing with will have an innate understanding of different situations relating to childcare. Once you are happy with the service you have chosen, you should be able to register your details to the site quickly and easily.

Some professional services will turn your finished contract around in 48 hours, but this should only be a first draft so you should be able to make adjustments if you see fit. It's best to let them know if you need the document back urgently as they may be able to work to your timeframe.

Turning to a professional to help you take care of this important requirement will free you up to get on with your daily life without the hassle of trying to take care of everything by yourself.

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