Career Descriptions

A career description basically essays what to expect from the career in terms of salary range, employability, education and training requirement.  It is NOT a job description or an enumeration of job duties and responsibilities which is relevant only when you are already looking for a job.  A career description has an entirely different audience.  These are mostly students preparing to embark on a career or employees planning to shift to another career.

Describing Different Careers

A career can be broadly stated, as in a teaching career, which includes careers in nursery and grade school teaching all the way to post graduate teaching.  Or it could be even broader like a medical career which includes doctors of all specialization as well as ancillary allied health care professionals like radiologists, medical technicians, nurses and nurse aides, pharmacists and lab researchers, just to mention a few of the almost 100 jobs under a medical career.

But a career description can also be a specific as that of an optometrist, an architect or athletic fitness trainer.  The more specific a career, the better it lends to a concise and relevant description that can include any or a mix of the following:

  • Social functional value of the career, conceptions and misconceptions
  • Salary range based or median based on the latest available statistical information from government bureaus.
  • Where the career is often employed, working conditions, employment options or employability prospects given the current economic conditions.
  • The minimum educational level or training requirements as well as additional training that opens up career advancement opportunities.


An insurance career inevitably brings you to employment in insurance companies. Lately, banks and lending companies have joined in to provide security to their clients on whom they have large credit exposures.   Sales agents can earn around $34,000 annually or higher with more commissions.  An underwriter can earn around $50,000 while actuaries up to $110,000 annually.