Account Analyst Job Description

Account analysis job profile and description

The role of an account analyst involves technical management of financial records. The successful candidate will need to display an affinity for information management as well as the ability to write complex reports. At the same time they could benefit from investigative skills where the records are subject to legal scrutiny. The role can develop from a backend job to one that is effectively involved in supervising other financial experts. It is even possible to progress into management duties.

Account analysis duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an account analyst will involve:

  1. Day to day management of financial records.
  2. Investigative projects.
  3. Report management.
  4. General supervisory duties that relate to account analysis.
  5. Technical support to company executives.

Account analysis skills and specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of an account analysis specialist include:

  1. Mathematical acumen.
  2. Computer literacy.
  3. Analytical skills with a strong focus on financial matters.
  4. Industry related skills such as bookkeeping.
  5. Communication and team working skills.

Account analysis education and qualification

The education and qualification requirements for an account analyst are as follows:

  1. A degree or diploma in a related subject.
  2. Training in accounting skills.
  3. Certification by the regulatory authority.
  4. A computer literacy qualification.
  5. Some experience in the financial sector with relevant qualifications.

Account analysis salary

The salary for account analysis professional ranges from about $30,000 at the entry level to over $100,000. The higher level is paid where the role involves some managerial responsibility. It is important that each case is analyzed on its merits. There are job roles that require extensive experience such that the successful applicant will inevitably expect significant remuneration. It is a fairly competitive industry and therefore the employer has some leeway in terms of the way that they set the salary.