Account Planner Job Description

Account Planner Job Profile and Description

Account planners are the integral part of every sales and marketing block. They contribute some important functions like planning, administrative support and logistics. Account planners are employed in public relations firms, consulting agencies, marketing firms, and major corporations. Account planners are the key personnel to the development and execution of a great marketing strategy. They don’t have to go for any travel. They have to work in office environment. They work as a part of a huge team and keep interacting between team members. Account planner possesses qualitative research skills and knowledge of expert marketing strategy. Account planners conduct market research and filter data to create marketing campaign related opportunities. Position of an account planner is considered as an initial of career. Actually this position is not entry level; this is one step beyond an entry-level marketing agency position.

Account Planner Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducting market research and filtering the data.
  • Finds opportunities relevant to campaign if any.
  • Account planners are assigned to cooperate account executives and account managers in finding fresh clients.
  • Their strategy use direct mailing, Internet searches, television, and cold calling.
  • Assist in the planning of promotional offers and corporate presentations.
  • Analyze inventory and material needs for running and upcoming campaigns.

Account Planner Skills and Specifications

  • Should be able to conduct market research and filter data for creating marketing task related opportunities.
  • Should have qualitative research skills and knowledge on marketing strategy.

Account Planner Education and Qualification

  • Candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, sales or business.
  • Applicants should have experience in sales administrative or direct sales.

Account Planner Job Salary

  • The salary range is $1000 – $1500 per month.
  • Increment is nearly 15% per year.