Account Reconciliation Job Description

Account reconciliation job profile and description

Account reconciliation involves the management of sundry financial activities that relate to the business enterprise from the standpoint of probity and consistency. Professionals in this role will need to have technical abilities as well as integrity. Ideal candidates have to demonstrate a propensity to undertake financial tasks under very tight conditions.

Account reconciliation duties and responsibilities

The duties of an account reconciliation specialist include:

  1. General audit duties.
  2. Checking financial records.
  3. Writing procedures and other documentation.
  4. Developing sound policies for the management of the financial activities within an organization.

Account reconciliation skills and specifications

Individuals that will make it in the world of account reconciliation require the following skills:

  1. Numerical competency.
  2. Ability to process large scale data.
  3. Computer knowledge and proficiency.
  4. Data writing and report management capability.

Account reconciliation education and qualification

The education and qualifications required for the role of account reconciliation can vary depending on the complexity of the projects and the specifications that are set by the commissioning organizations. Generally speaking these qualifications will be useful:

  1. An accounting qualification.
  2. General literacy and numeracy.
  3. Education to higher levels such as Baccalaureate and Secondary School.
  4. Training in the specific area that is going to be dealt with under the accounts system.
  5. Some job related qualifications that target the niche within which the professional will be working.

Account reconciliations salary

The salary for an account reconciliation expert is flexible depending on the training and experience that they hold. There have been instances where private sector organizations have offered a starting salary of $50,000. At the top of the scale, the salary may interlope with executive privileges. It is not uncommon for financial experts to command salaries of $100,000. Therefore this is a career opportunity that opens up financial doors.