Account Supervisor Job Description

Account Supervisor Job Profile and Description

Account supervisors are important personnel in accounting field. They supervise the overall activity of total account department. They check the inventory for the availability of requirements through out the completion of a certain task or project. They maintain a very good relationship with whole account team. Their communicational strength should be very good so that they can communicate with each individual of whole account team. It aids a great strength to their ability. They work in any industry as every industry has an account team. They should have great motivating, creative and communicational skill to supervise in an efficient manner. Account supervisors can also be told as account managers, account executives or creative directors. They provide their creative service to the industry by supervising the whole account activity.

Account Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities

  • Account supervisors have to work in office environments and usually have to work more than 45 hours per week.
  • Account supervisors have to work in a fast speed, high-stress environment because of deadlines.
  • Their primary aim is to deliver the commitment to client within a deadline.

Account Supervisor Skills and Specifications

  • Account supervisors should have a very good communicational skills in both verbally and written.
  • Account supervisors should have knowledge about administrative and management work procedures, accountancy training.
  • Account supervisors should possess well organizational, communication and personality and the ability to do tasks under a stress full environment.

Account Supervisor Education and Qualification

  • Candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration or commerce.
  • Applicants having an experience in same field in a firm as an account executive is must needed.

Account Supervisor Job Salary

  • The salary range is $500-$1000 per month.
  • Experienced candidates can demand even thrice of the mentioned salary
  • Account Supervisor generally gets promotions to Account head or other management administration positions.