Accountant Job Description

Accountant Job Profile and Description

An accountant plays a crucial role in the smooth running of an organization. He has the task of performing a number of tasks from furnishing of financial information to assessing of the completeness of the information. He also checks whether the cost of business operation is accurate. He also takes care of other financial matters and commitments pertaining to the company. An accountant plays an important role in preparing of monthly and annual financial reports in order to maintain the records which are related to the financial activities of an organization.

Accountant Duties and Responsibilities

  • Computing taxes which are owed by the company and preparing of tax returns in order to ensure that the company is making its tax payments on time.
  • Dealing with different types of tax requirements and analyzing of budgets.
  • Modifying and maintaining different accounting and record keeping systems with the help of computer technology.
  • Advising the management board about financial issues which are meant to encourage savings of the company.
  • Investigating the reasons of bankruptcies if any and avoiding the cropping up of such situations in the future.
  • Advising the clients regarding matters of future investments, different types of tax plans and on other types of financial matters.

Accountant Skills and Specifications

  • Exceptional mathematical skills.
  • Strong communication skills- both written and oral.
  • Critical thinking ability.
  • Effective decision maker.
  • Responsible and analytical bent of mind.

Accountant Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or any related field of study.
  • Certified public accountants have an added advantage over the accountants who do not have the required certification.

Accountant Salary

The salary of accountants depends on the nature of their job (full- time/ part- time) and the industry they work for. The average salary of a full time accountant is $37,515 – $51,259.