Accounting Assistant Job Description

Accounting Assistant Job Profile and Description

Accounting Assistants are employed in a firm to verify the accuracy of the information in a data sheet and keep signature from the respective department. They verify and ensure the correctness of vouchers like purchase orders, receiving and invoices are matched. Accounting Assistants are mainly responsible for processing and maintenance of payment process like rental agreements, service contracts, lease agreements etc. They provide guidance relating purchases and financial standard practices to vendors and company. They process weakly cheque payment with accuracy. Accounting Assistants ensures the inventory stock and take responsible of safekeeping. Make reports for financial management team and provide them. An Accounting Assistant needs to be strong in Word and Excel along with familiarization with computerized accounting software. Accounting Assistants should have expert in general ledger, accounts payable systems and other financial applications, especially spreadsheet software.

Accounting Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

  • Accounting Assistant Prepares invoices and purchase orders.
  • They collect Customer feedback, information etc. and perform data entry.?
  • Coding, Billing, Journal entries etc.
  • Various reporting and accounting related duties
  • Audit of case-related items

Accounting Assistant Skills and Specifications

  • Accounting Assistants must be computer literate and should have well knowledge on operating a windows PC.
  • Should have strong in Word and Excel along with spreadsheet software.
  • For Accounting Assistant position, applicant should have proficient in ledger, account payable system, computerized accounting software and other financial applications.
  • Qualified candidates must have skills in accounts payable, accounts receivable, orders, payroll, and general ledger.

Accounting Assistant Education and Qualification

  • Candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in accounting major.
  • Applicants should have past practice in accounting.

Accounting Assistant Job Salary

  • The salary range is $1000 – $1500 per month.
  • Increment is nearly 15% per year.