Accounting Associate Job Description

Accounting Associate Job Profile and Description

Accounting associates are important member of accounts department. They support senior accounts executives, auditors with administrative, bookkeeping personnel, clerical personnel, and accounts payable and accounts receivable duties. They receive, processes and records customer invoices using accounting software and systems. They primarily give checks, code payments, and type memos. Accounting associates prepare accounting reports and maintain accounts payable and receivable ledgers. They process sales contracts, employee expense reports, and salary information. Making company time sheets is also assigned to them. They keep communicating with vendors, customers and different departments in their firm to collect outstanding payments and clarify issues related to accounting policies and procedures. Accounting Associates keep them self busy with numbers and complex figures everyday. So they are strong in math, statistics and data-entry.

Accounting Associate Duties and Responsibilities

  • Accounting Assistant takes care of different types of accounts along with the chief accountant.
  • They give checks, code payments, and type memos.?
  • Have to process sales contracts, employee expense reports, and salary information.

Accounting Associate Skills and Specifications

  • Accounting Associate must be well-versed in computer and he or she should posses knowledge in various accounting software.
  • Must be strong in math, statistics and logic.
  • He or she should have strong in Word, Excel, Tally, and ERP along with spreadsheet software.
  • For Accounting Assistant position, applicant should have proficiency in ledger, computerized accounting software, account payable system and various other financial and accounting applications.
  • If you have a desire to work as accounting associate then you must have skills in accounts receivable, account payable orders, general ledger, and payroll.

Accounting Associate Education and Qualification

  • A person should have a bachelor’s degree in commerce, to work as an accounting associate.
  • Applicants should have past experience in accounting and other related areas.

Accounting Associate Job Salary

  • The salary ranges from $500 – $1000 per month.
  • Increment is nearly 25% per year.
  • For deserving candidate salary is not a constraint.