Assistant Controller Job Description

Assistant Controller Job Profile and Description

An assistant controller works in the financial department of an institution. He reports to the corporate controller and prepares the financial statements and reports of the company in adherence to the financial rules and regulations of the company. He has a major role in play in executing the financial activities of a company.

Assistant Controller Duties and Responsibilities

An assistant controller performs all his duties under the guidance and instructions of the chief controller of a company. The duties and responsibilities of an assistant controller are:

  • Preparing various financial statements of the company according to the rules and regulations of the company
  • Taking part in the budgeting process and executing the financial terms accordingly
  • Reviewing financial data of the company from time to time and ensuring that the activities are proceeding as per regulations
  • Ensuring that the financial activities of the company take place as per schedule
  • Preparation of balance sheets and ensuring that all the accounts are justified
  • Make regular reports of financial statements and proceedings to the in charge officer
  • Taking care of all financial aspects of the company such as preparation of salaries accounts, expenses accounts, income account and all other financial accounts

Assistant Controller Skills and specifications

The skills and specification of an assistant controller are:

  • Excellent knowledge in mathematics, financial matters and accounting
  • A good knowledge about the laws governing preparation of various types of financial statements
  • A good knowledge about the financial laws and regulations of the company
  • Excellent analysis and observation skills
  • High precision in work
  • Ability to produce accurate financial statements

Assistant Controller education and Qualification

The education and qualifications of an assistant controller:

  • A four years college degree in finance and accounting
  • CPA, CFM, CMA certifications

Assistant Controllers Salary

The salary of an assistant controller ranges between $46,000 and $79,000 per annum.