Chartered Accountant Job Description

Chartered accountant job profile and description

In the United States, a chartered accountant is more commonly called certified accountant. His responsibilities revolve around making financial plans and ensuring that all the financial records in the company are as per company and government norms. The job of a chartered accountant is more complex and multi-layered when compared to that of an accountant. Most of the chartered accountants are self-employed.

Chartered accountant duties and responsibilities

A chartered accountant is more than just an accountant. The large responsibility of his job makes him almost a financial manager of a company. The duties and responsibilities of a chartered accountant are:

  • Preparing financial statements, investment accounts and profit-loss statements
  • Auditing financial records
  • Preparing tax returns and formulate plans of tax saving
  • Planning measures to improve the financial performance of the company and drawing up financial plan
  • Freelance chartered accountants also act as consultants to many companies and individuals and recommend improvements in their financial statements
  • Playing an active role in the computerization of records
  • Study the legal matters concerning investments and ensure that the finances are well-utilized
  • Preparation of annual financial reports and suggest ways of improving performance

Chartered accountant skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a chartered accountant are:

  • Excellent skill with numbers and accounting techniques
  • Ability to manage and organize accounts in the most efficient manner so as to save expenses and minimize tax
  • Skilled in communication, analytical abilities and observation skills
  • A keen eye for detail in order to spot financial errors and ensure that they are rectified

Chartered accountant education and qualification

The education and qualification of a chartered accountant are:

  • A basic bachelors degree in accounting and finance
  • A certification program usually lasting for two years
  • Internship with a certified chartered accountant is essential
  • Candidates need to pass an examination after the certification course to qualify as a chartered accountant

Chartered accountants salary

The salary of a chartered accountant ranges between $50,000 and $90,000. Freelance chartered accountants may earn more or less than this value.