Corporate Staff Accountant Job Description

Corporate staff accountant job profile and description

The corporate staff accountant is an accountant who is appointed by a corporate company to ensure that all the accounts and financial matters in the company are in order. He may either deal with one type of account or may be responsible for overall financial accounts of the company.

Corporate staff accountant duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a corporate staff accountant are:

  • Ensuring that the finances of the company are properly entered and recorded
  • Ensuring that the financial records of the company are upgraded regularly
  • Ensuring that the finances of the company are being spent as per budget
  • Studying the financial situation of the company and making suggestions for improvement
  • Making presentations to the management and depict various profits and loss situations of the company
  • Take part in the investment planning process and offer useful recommendations from the financial point of view
  • Ensuring that the invoices of sales and purchases are recorded and correspond to each other
  • Interact with various departments of the company and ensure that all the financial matters on a departmental level are as per regulations and planning

Corporate staff accountant skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a corporate staff accountant are:

  • Excellent knowledge about various aspects of accounting and commerce
  • Ability to grasp and understand the financial situations of the company
  • Excellent analytical and observation abilities
  • Good communication skills and ability to interact with various people
  • Excellent mathematical ability
  • Must be honest and maintain confidentiality about company financial matters

Corporate staff accountant education and qualification

A bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance is required for the job. Experience in accounting sector is essential. A master’s degree helps in good future prospects. A CPA degree is not required in most cases.

Corporate staff accountants salary

Corporate staff accountants can earn between $30,000 and $50,000 per year.