Cost Accountant Job Description

Cost Accountant Job Profile and Description

There are various types of cost is required to be calculated in a company or an organization. For instance, if a company is manufacturing any product then it has to calculate the cost of the product before manufacturing so that he can calculate whether he can sell the product profitably or nor. Same in case of any service providing company, before launching any new kind of service, the company has to calculate the cost of the service. The role of a cost accountant in a company is to calculate these costs.

Cost Accountant Duties and Responsibilities

  • The duty of a cost accountant is to calculate the cost of any product, service or any function or any other thing.
  • A cost accountant has to do a very flawless job, otherwise serious problems can arise.

Cost Accountant Skills and Specifications

  • If you want to be a cost accountant then you should possess a great skill in accounting. This is a tough job and only expert can handle this.
  • You should possess great skills in mathematics because the whole job is based on mathematics.
  • You need to possess leadership quality also as there would be many fellow accountant will work under you.

Cost Accountant Education and Qualification

  • A commerce graduate can go for the cost accountant post but a person, who has done master’s degree in cost accounting, is the best suited candidate for this job.

Cost Accountant Job Salary

  • The salary of a cost accountant depends upon various factors. The more is the experience of the person the better salary he or she would get as a cost accountant. The salary of a cost accountant also depends upon the company in which he or she is placed. The salary generally comes in a range of $3000-$7000 per month.