Forensic Accountant Job Description

Forensic Accountant Job Profile and Description

Forensic is a study which deals with testing of finger prints, iris and many other relevant things. Though forensic department is not present in each and every company, still forensic department is found in many companies and organizations. There is a separate accounting section called forensic account section is present in those companies, where this department is present. As the name suggests, the job of a forensic accountant is to take care of the forensic account of the company or organization where he or she is working.

Forensic Accountant Duties and Responsibilities

  • The chief responsibility on a forensic accountant’s shoulder is to maintain the forensic account of the company.
  • Generally, the forensic account is a bit different than any other account of the company and the job of a forensic accountant is to maintain it as transparent as possible.

Forensic Accountant Skills and Responsibilities

  • As every other accountant, a forensic accountant needs to be very skillful in account handling.
  • Mathematics is the only subject, which is required in maintaining any kind of account; so, a forensic accountant needs to possess huge knowledge in mathematics.

Forensic Accountant Education and Qualification

  • Only commerce graduates are eligible for the forensic accountant job. Commerce undergraduates can also go for forensic accountant job in small companies or organizations.
  • However, the most suitable candidate for this job is a person, who has done cost accounting or chattered accounting and has prior experience as a forensic accountant.

Forensic Accountant Job Salary

  • There are various factors which involved in deciding the salary of a forensic accountant. The more the qualification of the person, the more is the salary. An experienced person also gets a better salary than a novice. The size of the company also decides the salary of a forensic accountant.
  • The general salary start from $1000 and goes up to $3000 per month.