General Accounting Job Description

General Accounting Job Profile and Description

There are various different departments inside a company or organization. Different department do different kind of task. As every work compliments to each other, so every department is equally important to the success of the company. Accounting department is one of the various departments present in a company. The role of this department is to keep the financial record of the company. Usually, accountants are deployed in carry posts to carry out the task of this department. General Accounting is one, who does the general account of the company.

General Accounting Duties and Responsibilities

  • The main duty of the General Accounting is to keep the general account of the company flawlessly updated.
  • He or she should take all round care of the general account of the company and should try to do it flawlessly.
  • If there is any irregularity found in the general account of the company then the General Accounting will be held responsible for that.

General Accounting Skills and Specifications

  • The prime skill required for the General Accounting post is that of accounting; if you are going at this job, then you should be very well-versed in keeping the general account.
  • Only experts in mathematics should go for this particular job as mathematics is extensively required for this job.

General Accounting Education and Qualification

  • Only commerce graduate could go for this particular job.
  • If you have any higher degree in accounting, then you have a better chance to get this job.
  • If you have any past experience in accounting field, then that would help you to get this job.

General Accounting Job Salary

  • A General Accounting generally draws a handsome salary; the salary range is $2000-$5000 per month.