National Account Manager Job Description

National Account Manager Job Profile and Description

Generally there are various kinds of accounts in an organization and company and national account is one of those. As every account, this account is also needs to be maintained transparently and updated swiftly. There are many national accountants are deployed in a large company or organization to take care of this account and there is a national account manager to supervise the over all job.

National Account Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • As one of the most important accounts, the national account of every company or organization is needed a great attention and it is the responsibility of the national account manager to keep a vigilant eye on the national account of the company in which he or she is posted.
  • Even a slightest mistake in intolerable as far as national account is concerned; so it is the duty of the national account manager to keep the national account always flawless.

National Account Manager Skills and Specifications

  • If you are eyeing for the national account manager job, then you should possess great skills in maintaining large accounts.
  • You should have managerial skills as well, as you have to head a team of accountants.

National Account Manager Skills and Specification

  • The minimum educational qualification required for national account manager is bachelor’s degree in commerce or accounting.
  • If you have done MBA in finance, then you may able to pip other candidates to get the job of a national account manager.

National Account Manager Job salary

  • The salary of a national account manager depends upon his or her abilities.
  • A deserving candidate can expect a handsome salary from this job.
  • The salary of a national account manager generally comes in a range of $3000-$6000 per month.