Payroll Accountant Job Description

Payroll accountant job profile and description

A payroll accountant is the one who ensures that all the employees of the company get their salaries on time. He organizes various modes of payments, keeps accounts, drops checks and makes sure that all employees are paid according to their pay scales.

Payroll accountant duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of payroll accountant are:

  • Preparing salary accounts and ensuring that salaries are paid on time
  • Ensuring that salaries are revised if there is a hike
  • Ensuring that every new member of the staff is included in the payroll along with pay details
  • Keeping records of all employee salary details and monthly payments proofs
  • Calculating deductions from the gross salary like tax and insurance and paying exact amount every month
  • Associating and communicating with the bank in matters of salaries
  • Creating accounts and adding new accounts if necessary
  • Conducting audits for payrolls
  • Has to deal with government labor department and submit payroll information
  • Has to train junior staff in payroll account keeping
  • In case of discrepancies, ensuring that the problem is resolved

Payroll accountant skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a payroll accountant are:

  • Must be excellent in accounting and financial matters
  • Excellent communication and organization skills
  • Good writing skills
  • Ability to work with high precision and accuracy
  • Good knowledge about computers
  • Ability to update knowledge regarding various pay scales according to the position of the employee
  • Ability to keep up with changes in the payrolls

Payroll accountant education and qualification

A payroll accountant has to have a basic degree in accounting, finance and commerce. Certification is not required, although possessing certification opens up many employment opportunities. However, a master’s degree is required for good future growth in the accounting field.

Payroll accountant salary

The median salary of a payroll accountant is $59,000 per annum.