Refunds Accounting Job Description

Refunds accounting job profile and description

Refunds accounting jobs are of different cadres such as refund clerk, refund accountant and refund manager. All the refund jobs are meant to provide refunds to clients on return of merchandize or when products and services provided by the company are not satisfactory to the client. These jobs exist in all sectors such as airlines, travel and transport, educational institutions, retail and medical facilities, to name a few.

Refunds accounting duties and responsibilities

Refunds are a liability to a company and hence, it is a process that is taken up with a lot of care. In most cases, authentic claims are granted but every claim has to be evaluated from all aspects in order to check authenticity. The duties and responsibilities of a refunds accounting job are:

  • Evaluating the authenticity of the refund claim
  • Processing the refund claim in keeping with the rules and regulations of the company
  • Acquiring approval from higher authorities in the management if the claim amount of big
  • Applying to the concerned government agency, banks and financial institutions in case permissions are required
  • Checking various details about the refund claim such as validity dates and conditions of refund
  • Archiving and organizing all the data and computerizing the documents
  • Preparing account statements for all refund processes

Refunds accounting skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a refund accounting job are:

  • Excellent accounting abilities, in both manual and computerized computation
  • Excellent analysis skills in order to analyze and evaluate refund claims by customers
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work with high accuracy and precision in preparing and maintaining refund records

Refunds accounting education and qualification

The education and qualifications required for a refund accounting job are a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance along with experience in accounting.

Refunds accounting job salary

The median salary of a refunds accounting clerk is $32,000 per annum.