Sales Accountant Executive Job Description

Sales Accountant Executive Job Profile and Description

A Sales Accountant Executive is responsible for the overall management of existing corporate partnerships that may exist within the company at hand in a bid to improve more linkages with them and creation of more value added opportunities. Conducting surveys from within and other external sources in the company in a bid to understand the current companies stand thus come up with ways of developing new revenue opportunities for the company to improve its sales and turnover rates. To improve market potential of the company through prospecting which results in improving and developing the company. Proposing effective solutions, forecasting necessary for general planning of the organization and closing of sales building rapport with potential clients.

Sales Accountant Executive Duties and Responsibilities.

  • Accountable for the development and maintenance of  close relations and providing high quality of professional service  to fulfill clients needs more effectively
  • Meet established agreed annual sales quotas of the company.
  • Initiate sales prospecting of the product of the company in a bid to promote their products.
  • Developing proposals that will capture the company’s needs.
  • Expands sales in existing accounts by introducing additional solutions and services
  • Evaluate current and recommend new solutions and services to promote sales of the company.
  • Closing of sales building rapport with potential clients
  • Attend meetings and sharing ideas at brainstorming sessions, write up of feedback reports.
  • Monitoring and updating of status report sot the company when need be.

Sales Accountant Executive Skills and Requirements

  • Proficiency in use of accounting soft wares.
  • Outstanding spoken and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge in Mathematics, English and Business related subjects.
  • Superior business and negotiation skills
  • Experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods

Sales Accountant Executive Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing and Finance
  • Good computer proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point

Sales Accountant Executive Salary

  • A Sales Accountant Executive salary ranges between $ 65,000- $100,000.