Job Duties

Any job in the world comes with a set of duties and responsibilities attached with it. These duties are the tasks that an employee performs and gets paid for. By the term ‘duties’ it is clear that these are obligatory tasks that have to be done without a choice. Job duties vary from job to job. For example the duty of a person is the sales department is to sell a product.

Whenever an employee is recruited by a company or an organisation, he/she is given a written document known as the job description which spells out the job duties that are expected from the employee during the course of employment or during the current project or task.

In some organisations, one gets paid as many job duties are done by him in a given period of time. So for any employee it is important to fulfil all the work expected from him in order to secure his position in the company.

The following are a few types of job duties which are divided on the basis of the job profile:

  1. Executive assistance job duties
  2. Secretary job duties
  3. Administrative assistant job duties

Some job duties are never completely defined and are done morally or depending upon the given situation. For example a police officer’s job is to safeguard the public interest but sometimes he is supposed to act according to instinct and keeping morality in mind too.