Job Specifications

What is a Job Specification?

Job Specification is a detailed illustration of the attributes, skill sets and prerequisites that a prospective candidate for a job requires possessing. It outlines and defines all the characteristics, which make the ideal candidate for a job. With the advent of online job portals and increasing job specialisations, appropriate job descriptions are becoming ever more important for acquiring and reaching out to the right candidates.

Importance of a Job Specification

Companies can benefit from a well-written and informative job requirement design in various ways. The right job specification enables the recruiting organisation to reach out to the right candidates. It helps in acquiring relevant applications for the job and reduces the time for short listing for interviews. It is a means of proper marketing and advertising of the job opening of the company in various mediums like print, internet etc. Job specifications aid the human resource in placing the applicants in the appropriate role and position for a job.

Significance to a Candidate

A comprehensive and detailed job specification is of immense significance to job seekers as well, through a well-written specification a candidate can acquire all the details regarding the:

  • Qualities and qualification needed for the job.
  • Compensation offered by the company for the specified position.
  • Responsibilities and duties with regard to the job.

In short, a job specification can said to be a gap abridger between a job seeker and an employer enabling the both to connect on common grounds.

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