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Job Search Tips – Some of the Best Answers For Retail Management Interviews

Are you applying for a job as a retail store manager? If so, it is only natural to be nervous about the job interview and all those job interview questions. If you are looking for some help on answering some of the most commonly asked questions, please keep reading on.

Question: Why are you interested in retail?

Please note that unless the job interviewers asks “why are you interested in retail management,” this question is more geared towards the retail environment as a whole. Lets face it, working in retail can be a hard and stressful job (despite what some people believe). The best answers for retail management interview questions like this include: the past-paced environment, the ability to work in a consumer-driven industry, and so forth.

Question: What are some responsibilities you associate with a retail management position?

This is a tricky question, but one that can easily be answered with a small amount of research. Do a quick search online to learn about the company and their store management positions. I bet you will find some information on common responsibilities and then some. It is important to not underestimate the responsibilities associated with retail management or give off the impression that you’d only do the bare minimum. For example, some smaller retail store managers must do more than just work in the office. They are commonly required to run a register during a rush, help stockers unload trucks, and so forth.

Question: How many hours would you be willing to work each week?

This is another tricky question that might feel as if it is a trap. You don’t want to say too many hours because then you might be expected to work them. But, you don’t want to say too few hours because you don’t want to seem like a manager who will hit the road whether or not the necessary tasks are done. The best answers for retail management interview questions like this include doing two things. First, research the average number of hours a manager works each week for the company or simply state “as many hours as it requires getting the job done.”

Question: How would you handle a problem or dispute in the workplace?

One of the first things you want to do is mention that your response would depend on the situation in question. For example, you might handle a store employee who steals differently than a store employee who shows up late to work from time to time. It is best to stay that you would step back and take a close look at the situation and ask yourself a number of questions; where any laws broken, was a zero-tolerance workplace policy violated, what is the employee’s history, what damage was done, and can this employee fix the problem if given a second chance?

Now that you are familiar with some of the best answers for retail management interview questions, are you ready to start your job search?

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