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Finding Work-Life Balance in the New Year

At this time of year I often find myself thinking that I didn’t spend as much time with my family and friends as I would have liked. It’s just so easy to get caught up in the day to day hustle of things that need to be done. You may be feeling the same way: you were so busy with meetings, email, voice mail, and reports that some of the more important things in life got put on the back burner – often with a promise that you would get to it tomorrow, or next week.

Well now is your chance, as you’re setting your goals for the upcoming year, to bring focus to developing greater balance in your life. Smart Phones, laptops, and PDAs are getting more affordable; Fast internet access is pervasive, along with great tools and online services that make it easier then ever to work productively from anywhere.

Avoiding a daily commute and gaining more control over your work schedule can not only make you more productive, it can help you achieve the balance you have been longing for in your life.

If you currently work remotely, and it has been working well for you and your organization, try to increase the amount of time you spend working from home or outside the office.

If you don’t work remotely, then consider approaching your organization about the possibility. In light of many things that happened this past year, including a sluggish economy and political tumult, many organizations are reconsidering some of their earlier fears about distributed work and realizing it makes sound business sense.

Distributed work provides a win-win situation for both an organization and its employees. Companies can save money on real estate, improve employee morale and efficiency, and be better prepared to handle disasters and interruptions; employees can work when they work best, without common office distractions, and gain both time and more control over their schedules.

In fact, depending on where you live, some new bills being passed may provide tax credits and incentives for you and your organization, making a telework plan even more attractive.

We all waste precious time sitting in traffic, commuting back and forth to the office and traveling around for meetings that often could just as easily have been held on the phone or online.

So as you spend time with family and friends, reflect on how valuable and enjoyable this time is and how it enhances everything you do.

Make a commitment to do the things necessary to achieve more work/life balance. Whether it is finding a way to work outside the office, learning new time management and technology skills, or exploring ways to improve your meetings, striving for balance can improve every aspect of your life.

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Is Engineering the Best Career Option for Me?

Maybe it's not a million dollar question, but definitely, it will help you earn millions dollars if you are smart enough to make a life-changing decision and find the right answer!

If technology is capable of doing impossible things possible, then engineers will play an important role in it. The world is digitized, organized, and combined implementations of consequential ideas to enhance the innovations for better tomorrow, so the value for skilled engineers will not fade in days to come. Therefore engineering is still the best career option.

In our daily life, we constantly prefer a secure way to handle various situations, and education is no different in this context. However, we always give special importance to the career-related decisions, getting into the intermediate school could be one of the best examples. We know that higher education system needs transparency in every move, but still, we give equal attention to intermediate study circle too, just to upkeep the basic level education. But this kind of approach is now moved to next level; as a result, our preference is more towards the reputed schools these days, and the educational environment will help a student to build a strong base to perform well in higher studies.

Moreover, the higher education system is not different in comparison with lower grade studies. Whereas the selection of a college depends upon the placement track record of previous years and the present education standard of the institute, the best part is people are getting used to this type of process. But the way of thinking changes according to the time, and also the surrounding environment. So, we can say that our preferences for the studies are not the same as before, most of our decisions are now based on the current trend and the best option to match our requirements.

Over the past decade, engineering has been one of the top-rated career choices around the country. Big cities such as Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai has produced many job opportunities and provided a nest to several engineers. But, in last four years, the lack of jobs in engineering field has affected the budding engineers and prominence to the engineering is decreasing. The abrupt downfall in employment is just a sign of lacking quality education, and the lack of required skills in a graduate, which are basic need to satisfy the industry standard.

"In present days, the engineering jobs are skills driven, so the companies will give prominence to the skills set rather than only academic performance."

The change is inevitable for a reason, if it confides a strong intent, then we have to adapt it for a fruitful exit. In the same way, if you are not sure about your decision of choosing engineer as a career path, then ask these questions to yourself, if you are able to answer them without any hiccups then you will be confident about your next move!

* Is that okay if you are surrounded by challenging atmosphere?
* Heartbreaks are common in exams, is that manageable for you?
* Days after engineering: You will get a job opportunity based on your skills; grades could be just part of it
* The beginning: Selecting an engineering college is the new challenge, how will you handle it?

The modern engineering education system has changed the way of teaching, and the students do not rely on the faculty anymore, instead, they study independently and seek faculty help only when required. So the mindset of a student should welcome such practices.

Initial days of engineering would make you feel uneasy due to a college environment, interaction with the lecturers, and the daily routine. It takes some time to adjust to the new beginning, and it is challenging for a student to learn how to take an individualistic decision in day-to-day life to face the new world.

Learning is not only restricted to the academies; you may need to look beyond the eyesight to search for new opportunities to reach the heights. The quick learning and adaptation of new practices will help you to be a better person, and it is a quality of successful engineer though. If you are capable of accepting the challenges and confident enough to tackle the hurdles, then the engineering is the best career option for you!

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Online Job Search – 5 Methods to Find a Suitable Job


Online job search is quite common these days. In this digital age when everything is going online, the employers, recruiters and job seekers have chosen online platforms to interact with each other.

Internet offers a flexible, dynamic and 24×7-live environment. Finding job online is easy and it saves time as well. In this article I would discuss 5 most used and helpful job searching platforms of the internet.

Use Search Engines:

Search engines are the source of information on the internet for many. You put your query in the search box and search engines fetch few relevant web pages from millions. Use the power of search engines to find a job online.

In your search string, include the industry name, your career skills and add the term 'jobs' at the end. Try different combination of the search phrases to reach new sites. Use local search engines, or include the name of your city in the search term to get information about local job openings.

Assume you are looking for a career in journalism; search for journal jobs. And if you are looking for openings in California, modify your search term to make it "journalism jobs California".

Visit Employers' Websites:

If you know who the biggies in your target industry are, just go to their websites and explore the career opportunities with them.

Most companies maintain a section on websites wherein they display current job openings along with job responsibilities. Just check if your profile suits with the requirements; if it does, then express interest. Follow the instructions given on the website.

In case they ask you to send resume, follow resume writing guidelines to prepare your resume. Do not forget to attach a cover letter.

Hit Job Portals:

Visit job search engines, job listing websites, job boards and job banks to check if there is any suitable vacancy for you. Job providers, employers, HR managers and recruiters frequent these boards to post jobs online. These are the good places to find a job in any industry.

Some of the job portals allow job seekers to upload their resume so that they can get offers from employers directly. Upload your resume and subscribe to the newsletters of these job portals to stay informed.

Also, look for some good career advice and career education sites to learn about the industry buzz and modern developments.

Join Social Networks for Professionals:

Online social networks are in the pulse of the day. Join these networks, specify your interests and network with entrepreneurs and recruiters.

There are social networks mean for professionals. Join these communities and keep a close eye on vacancy and current opening section.

Browse Classifieds – Help Wanted Columns

Surf online classified ads and ad listing websites. Visit the help wanted, situation vacant columns for suitable offers. Join their mailing list, if any, to stay informed about latest job openings.

You can follow any or all of the above mentioned online job search methods. Online job searching is the easiest way to find permanent, temporary, freelance or home based jobs in any industry!

Source by Steve McMains

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Employment Law – Jurisdiction of Tribunal – Employment Relationship

In the recent case of Khan v Premier Private Hire Taxi [2007], the applicant worked as a private hire taxi driver for the employer. He issued a claim form to the employment tribunal which stated the following:

“The company was not paying me, I was taking fare from customer and paying commission to the company. Like an agent transacting business for another”.

The chairman of the employment tribunal considered the claim form and decided that he had no jurisdiction to hear the case because the relevant employment relationship had not been established. He therefore rejected the claim. Upon this rejection, the applicant appealed.

The appeal was allowed:-

– Considering the circumstances, it was held that the chairman had erred in rejecting the claim. The material adduced by the applicant on the nature of the employment relationship had to be taken at face value. Using that approach, where aspects common to an employment relationship had existed, for example the situation which could be described as a ‘working relationship’, the tribunal certainly had jurisdiction to hear the claim.

– The nature of the employment relationship in the instant case was ripe for examination.

– The facts constituting such a relationship should have been considered by the tribunal.

– It was held that the applicant would be ordered to provide the tribunal with further information setting out the scope of his employment relationship in order for his claim to proceed.

If you require further information please contact us at

© RT COOPERS, 2007. This Briefing Note does not provide a comprehensive or complete statement of the law relating to the issues discussed nor does it constitute legal advice. It is intended only to highlight general issues. Specialist legal advice should always be sought in relation to particular circumstances.

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Work-Life Balance Tips for Small Businesses

People involved in small business get a bad rap for their workaholic ways. You know because you either know someone who is involved in small business or you are that person. Let's look at some facts about small businesses in San Diego and then ways people involved in small business everywhere can create a better work-life balance.

According to the US Small Business Administration, 99.9-percent of the 27.5 million businesses in the United States are considered small firms with fewer than 500 employees *. According to the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, the majority of companies in San Diego County are small businesses with 50 employees or less. One out of every five small businesses in San Diego County are in the business services segment which includes consulting, engineering, accounting, research and management. The additional types of business segments in descending size order are wholesale trade, manufacturing / repair, transportation, consumer services, specialty construction, builders, retail, finance / real estate / insurance and an "other" segment (the unclassified small businesses in the county ). In San Diego County, the average number of people employed by a small business is 7.3 people.

Everyone related to small business – the owners, the employees, the people who cater to and support small businesses – here are three tips for more balance in your life:

1. Schedule time off. Small business owners value the importance of sticking to a schedule and deadlines. Decide how much time you can schedule to relax, be social or spend time with family in the next week and also how much time you would ideally like to have for such activities in the future. Then, schedule time away from work. Maybe this upcoming week you can only dedicate one hour away from everything work related; block out that hour on your calendar immediately. Knowing that your ideal amount of time is two full weekdays per month, a small business owner can set those specific dates in February now. Once those days are on the schedule, they must be respected as if they are meetings with the most valuable client. Commit to taking the time off for the things that matter most outside of business and protect that scheduled time.

2. Turn off the cell phone. This goes for small business owners and anyone who has ever thought about work outside of the workplace. Especially when spending time with others outside of working hours, turn off the distractions of business. By removing the distractions of phone calls, text messages, instant messages, e-mails and phone alerts for a short time, you can really relish in your time away from the office.

Do you (or the small business owner you know) feel anxiety rise up inside of you when you really consider turning off your phone? What if you took up the challenge of turning your phone off for one hour next week? Maybe it's turning off the phone for the hour you've scheduled for yourself and your family. Maybe you turn off your phone before you fall asleep or leave it off while you get ready in the morning. Another suggestion is to shut off your phone during your commute if you drive. Since you should not be on it if you are driving, turn it off and turn up your favorite tunes. Whenever you decide to turn off your phone, you are claiming that time for yourself, which is a critical piece of the work-life balance equation.

Once you've turned on your phone again and realized that your business or work has not imploded or exploded, your anxiety will be less the next time you cut off this type of communication. And what if your business does start to implode or explode? If you are not the sole person in your business, then someone will get ahold of you through your significant other, neighbor, friend, coworker or someone will show up where you are to tell you. If you are the sole person in your business, find another business owner in the same situation and work out a trade where you ensure each other's businesses do not go awry. Which brings us to the next point.

3. Appoint a second-in-command for when you are inaccessible. You will take time off whether it's an hour next week or a full month next year, and you do not want to worry about your work during that time. That would eliminate the balance. Select a second-in-command and let the person know in what circumstance they will be in charge and how to reach you if a true emergency arises. (You may want to clarify what you consider an emergency with this person.) Let everyone in your company and important sellers know who is in charge in your absence moving forward. That way if something comes up in the hour you are in a business meeting or at your child's play or in the month you are on vacation abroad, all employees and important vendors will know who to go to. Your second-in-command acts like the gatekeeper to your time away and assesses when he or she needs to contact you. Finally, when setting up your away messages with the times and dates you will be out of pocket, list your second-in-command's contact information. Your away message may be on your website, in your social media messages, in an e-mail bounce-back message, on your store's door, and on the phones in your business. If you'd like that breath of fresh air without the worry, then take the steps needed to prevent work from finding you unnecessarily while you are claiming more life in your work-life balance.

With the majority of businesses in United States and in San Diego County operating as small businesses, work-life balance is necessary to continue and grow. By scheduling time off, turning off the cell phone and choosing a second-in-command, you can protect and freely enjoy your time away from the small business you run, work for or support. Here's to work-life balance in small businesses everywhere!

* The US Small Business Administration sources data from the Office of Advocacy estimates based on data from the US Dept. of Commerce, Census Bureau, and trends from the US Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics and Business Employment Dynamics.

Source by Angela M Martin

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Big Data Courses – The Way to Boost Your Career


We are living in an economy which is completely data-driven. In this cut-throat environment, everyone wants to have an edge over the competition. But that is not possible if an organization does not adapt to market changes. It is essential to change the business practices from traditional methods to more modern ones.

The key to boost the decision-making process and drive more effective decisions in an organization is found in the method by which you organize, analyze and interpret the immense amount of data available to you. For this, organizations need professionals who can apply their knowledge to real-world situations and problems.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd, then you will need to adopt big data techniques. This will help to accomplish better analysis, interpretation and understanding since this data cannot be processed effectively with the use of traditional techniques.

And the weapon through which one can meet the same is, undoubtedly, BIG DATA COURSES. These courses provide individual hands-on experience with how to deal with it through the use of various systems and tools designed for this purpose such as HADOOP, R, and PYTHON.


Big data courses play a vital role in your career as they can allow you to be a much more effective contributor to the company’s bottom line. Following are some of the benefits these courses provide:

  • If you are a professional from a non-technical background, then getting a certification through these courses will definitely provide you an edge which will help you to reach greater heights in your career.
  • These courses can help you to shift your professional career into a more promising field.

  • These courses can help you financially because the salary packages for a big data specialist are generally higher because of the increasing demand across various industries. So such course can lead to increased salary prospects.

  • The widespread adoption of these techniques has increased the demand for experts who can actually handle the specialized tools and systems. So employment is almost guaranteed if you opt for such a course.


There are a number of career paths available within big data such as Big Data Architect, Engineer, and a Developer. But what really matters is your career aspirations. The best way to choose a certification program is to analyze your interests. So choose your certification course wisely so that you can actually take an interest in the subject while undergoing training.


Big data is the next hot topic in business and getting this certification provides you with a competitive advantage to boost your career and land your dream job in the industry. It helps businesses in making effective decisions and supporting the business operations. This is just the beginning of the high tech digital world of data manipulation.


Source by Shalini Madhav

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3 Ways to Bolster Your Job Search Campaign During the Holidays

We are moving into the Christmas / Hanukkah / New Year’s holidays. Many job seekers take the opportunity to put their job searches on hold until January and just try to enjoy the downtime. That is actually a mistake because the end of the year is a great time to reflect on career goals, review current job search campaign efforts, and get a jump on the January employment rush.

Here are three ways to take advantage of the holiday season to strength your chances at finding a great job.

  • Continue to review job postings or attempt to make contacts on online social media sites and job boards. Employers and recruiters are often under the gun to fill vacancies before December 31 or are at least actively looking. While your competitors may be getting ready for the holidays and putting aside their job search campaigns, your diligence in continuing the process can pay off. You will have a better chance of being noticed in a vastly diminished pool of applicants and you might attract a prospective employer who does not want to wait until January to hire.
  • The end of the year is usually a good time to become introspective in regard to career and personal goals. New Year resolutions are commonplace, but people’s success in fulfilling them is spotty at best. Instead of making resolutions and then realizing 3 or 4 months later that you have not made any progress toward fulfilling them, create a job search campaign plan that is practical, achievable, and measurable. Put your plan in writing and use it to propel your efforts to find a great job into the New Year.
  • Take advantage of the various events, parties, dinners, etc. that you will be involving with during the holidays and make every effort to renew contacts with family, friends, and colleagues, while also seeking out new contacts who may be able to help with your job search campaign. These types of contacts can be leveraged after January to identify job leads or obtain suggestions on how to market yourself with prospective employers. Networking is considered to be the leading approach for finding a great job because it can open up the “hidden” job market or positions that are not advertised. In addition, you will develop relationships that will serve you well into the future.

Holidays are a time for good cheer, but they can also be a good time to build a firm foundation for launching or expanding a successful job search campaign or even getting a head start on finding a great new job.

Source by Steven Watson, Ph.D.

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Common US Employment Law Violations

There are many people in the United States that have excellent, fair employers – yet there are also those whose workers’ rights are violated each and every year in regards to underpayment, overtime and rest break violations. For this reason, it is important to know your rights and find a great employment law attorney.

There are several employment law violations that are more common that others in the US, and the first one of these is lack of overtime payment. The particular law that applies will depend on the state, but in some cases, employees can be told that they are not entitled to overtime payment when they actually are.

In all cases, workers are entitled to overtime payment if they do not meet all the of a particular overtime exemption’s requirements. Furthermore, some people may be compensated for overtime, but this sum may be far lower than the amount that they are legally entitled to. In this case, finding a good unpaid overtime lawyer is an ideal solution.

In addition to the lack of overtime payment or the miscalculation of overtime payment that disadvantages the employee, there are other common employment law violations which employees need to be vigilant of. One of these is failure of the employer to give additional pay when it is required by law.

This does not only apply in regards to overtime, but also in other situations when an employee is legally entitled to be compensated for not taking an unpaid meal period – working instead due to the employer’s demands – or not taking other legally required rest breaks. In some state law, workers are entitled to extra pay in these situations.

If you are an employee who frequently is required to skip rest breaks or unpaid meal breaks, then it is strongly recommended to seek the assistance of a unpaid overtime lawyer who will be able to provide you with guidance. This is one way of assuring that you know your rights and will be able to assert them for you and your family’s benefit.

Another common violation of employment law is that statutory employees are classified instead as “independent contractors”, which denies them a number of rights that they should be entitled to. These rights include minimum wage, overtime and a variety of other protections provided by state and federal law.

This miscalculation can be a genuine error on the part of the employer, but it can also be a calculated business move that severely disadvantages the worker. Again, seeking the advice of an employment attorney or a unpaid overtime lawyer will help clear up this issue and help each determine whether they have been misclassified as an independent contractor.

Lastly, employees may be entitled to certain rest breaks and meal times which the employer does not provide. There may also be failure to provide vacation pay, all of which result in the employee receiving far less than they deserve at the unjust benefit of the employer. Again, if the employee suspects their rights are being violated, it is advised to seek legal help.

These are just a few of the most common violations of workers’ rights in the US – from lack of overtime pay to miscalculation of employee status, these will also have a huge effect on the lives of employees and their families. This can mean less income, fewer breaks and longer hours than is legally allowed.

It is important for every worker in the country to know their rights and to seek professional help in defending them when necessary. This ensures a fairer workplace and one where employees can work safely and securely and be adequately financially compensated for their contribution to the company that they work for.

Source by Cameron Gharabiklou

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How to Manage Your Time to Reach a Work-Life Balance That Provides Happiness and Raises Performance

For most of us, maintaining a work-life balance that makes us happy, means spending time with the people who mean the most to us, and doing things that give us pleasure, satisfaction, and enjoyment. This is the ideal time to take stock of your work-life balance priorities to prevent overwhelm and conflict over the coming months.

Marking out specific blocks of time within your schedule lets you organize your work & life commitments and achieve a workable balance. Many of us struggle when domestic and work demands pile up to the point where it looks that we're simply spinning plates or running to stand still. This article looks at how to prioritize your calendar to create the right environment and supportive framework you need for a work-life balance that brings satisfaction and well-being.

Taking the time to work out in advance which commitments need your attention allows you to adjust and schedule your schedule to reduce overwhelm or overload as much as possible. Taking control of the various compartments of your life so that they work in harmony with each other supports a healthy work-life balance.

There will always be external factors that will appear out of the blue to upset your routines but where you are in control of events, help yourself through sensible and appropriate preparation and goals.

If you have a family work with them to create a 12 month grid plan or time-line on a roll of paper (or use sheets of paper). In the first instance, mark down all known family commitments and obligations. Whether it's the school run, after-school classes or activities, school vacations, INSET days, school concerts, parents' evening, or doctor appointments, note them in your grid. If you have not got a family, list your own (and your partner's) activities and social commitments in a similar way.

Knowing when your presence and focus is needed at home makes practical sense as well as ensures domestic harmony. It helps you to plan your work load and future meetings, travel trips, events or product launches around household obligations and needs whenever possible. Avoid clashes, disappointment, or work-stress by factoring in your personal responsibilities from the very first.

Having marked down domestic domestic commitments, you can move to the next stage in preparing the right environment for a good work-life balance. Block out periods for personal development time. Physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion and fatigue is triggered or exacerbated by a lifestyle which excludes occasions to unwind or take a break.

Allow yourself to think of this time as a way to improve your life and give you energy which you'll take back into your home and work life. It helps you de-clutter your mind, and rest your body. Encouraging other members of the family / your partner to take out similar blocks of time allows you to shift your lifestyles together and reduces resentments.

Taking regular time out on self-development or mental & physical relaxation is as much a matter of changing your mind-set and habits as it is inclining. Having time to help you rest, unwind, or reflect is not self-indulgence but rather a proven and effective way to improve your overall efficiency and performance at home and at work, as well as enhancing your physical health.

Whether you choose to spend this particular time to further your hobbies, meditate, go to exercise classes or for a run, learn a new language or skill, enjoy a long soak in the bath, a walk-in the park, a work-out routine on your wii, or just reading a book without disturbance, do not begrudge yourself the opportunity of blocking out a period in your daily or weekly routine outside your usual domestic, social, or work commitments.

Some of your best and powerful insights, inspirational thoughts, and revelations will arise during this very personal time. Changes of scene, a change of pace, different types of mental stimulation, all these give you a change in perspective. Make a note of these inspirational moments and what prompted them. Do this as an exercise to reinvigorate the value of this time – this will strengthen your commitment if you're tempted to forego the time for other priorities.

It can be a surprising difficulty adjustment to think about "me time" and many people may feel resistant to the idea of ​​spending time on themselves. Yet, few of us can maintain high-performance activity without breaks or opportunities to refresh ourselves, or to gain new inspiration and renewed vigour.

Some people have simply fallen out of the habit of spending such time for themselves. They've become used to devoting their energies to their families first and themselves last. Others have self-belief or self-esteem issues that prevent them from rewarding themselves. Highly stressed, depressed, and overwhelmed individuals can not bring themselves to stop and enjoy the rest they need because their anxieties tell them they simply can not afford the time.

If you've resisted to the idea of ​​blocking out this time in your daily or weekly calendar, ask yourself why this might be so and do the necessary internal work to come to terms with it.

Having earmarked time for family and personal development, block out further time for holidays. Remember, it's up to you to create the kind of balanced lifestyle that gives you pleasure and satisfaction. So for example, if you want to have one long weekend every month (excluding public holiday months), then place them in the grid now. Giving yourself the opportunity to take regular breaks will help you avoid the sense of fatigue and burn-out that makes it more difficult to cope with pressures and challenges.

After you've incorporated the life elements into your calendar, you can start planning for the key work events and projects that you already know will take place in the coming months. Give yourself sufficient time to meet specific project and task deadlines (keeping in mind your domestic situation). Be realistic in your timelines – there's no point in piling up unnecessary stress and anxiety because you've given yourself deadlines that are unachievable or unrealistic.

Your work goals and performances need not be compromised by this new way of thinking. Reducing conflicting pressures, setting realistic deadlines, spending time with friends and family, as well as increasing your energy and happiness, will do wonders for your mental, emotional, and physical health. Your performance, motivation, and efficiency at work will be greatly boosted by your improved sense of well-being and life-satisfaction.

Creating systems and working practices that help you build a supportive environment is vital in giving you work-life balance. Move the items from your grid into your usual offline / online diaries as soon as you've done the exercise and keep up to date over the year.

As with all changes, small but steady progress will help you build momentum and develop good habits. By beginning with your home life, your own personal time, and then work goals you'll start to adjust the way you devote resources to support what matters to your overall well-being.

This exercise will help you to transform the way you think about your priorities and responsibilities. Involving your family is a very simple but powerful way of reinforcing your commitment to achieving the work-life balance you all desire. Working as a family towards a common goal, you can help each other as you make the changes required.

Source by Sumi Olson

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Choices After Opting for an AME Career in the Mechanical Stream

The AME mechanical stream is an older branch which is extremely broad and diverse. The career in such a stream is not only related to design but responsible for maintaining, testing, and manufacturing as well. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Course is a three-year programme where the aspirants have to learn the programme that is issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Moreover, these Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses are pursued by the institutes that are approved by DGCA.

The career as an AME mechanical stream is rewarding and focus. Once entered there, the aspirants would get an opportunity to avail the boundless opportunity.

An aircraft mechanic is responsible for replacing, repairing and maintaining the aircraft components and parts. Not only this, he or she is also capable of doing maintenance and functional checks on numerous aircraft maintenance. They can easily check pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, and electrical systems.

What are the Job Opportunities after AME in the Mechanical stream?

There are many career choices once complete a mechanical stream in AME. Some of the job opportunities include engineers in:

  • Airlines
  • Air Force
  • Aviation Companies
  • Helicopter Companies
  • Corporate Research Companies
  • Defence Ministry
  • Flying clubs/academies
  • Private airlines
  • Aviation corporations
  • Engineering division of aviation sector
  • Aircraft manufacturing firms
  • Aeronautical Development Establishment
  • NASA and many others.

The hiking up air travel and space exploration demands expert to maintain and repair aircraft. The increasing height of this industry increases the demand for AME Colleges.

Aerospace Engineering demand has been increasing immensely in existence. Some of the top companies offering the job opportunity include Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Air India, India Space Research Organization (ISRO), Civil Aviation Department, and Defense Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO).

What is job description expected from an AME mechanical engineer?

The job description expected from the AME mechanical engineer includes design, research, repair, and maintenance of spacecraft, and aircraft. Moreover, the following duties are expected:

  • Assembling and analyzing test data.
  • Analyzing the project cost and timescales.
  • Indulging in ground-level flight testing
  • Thorough look at all parts which needs regular repair

What are salary expectations?

Once done an AME mechanical course from the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in Delhi, the aspirants will be eligible to earn INR 40000-50000 a month as their starting salary. The maximum salary expected in this field ranges from 15-20 lac per annum.

If you are interested to keep aircraft in a safe condition while flying, you may indulge in the AME mechanical stream.

Source by Veenu Singla