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Life Coaching and Work-Life Balance

Sometimes when people are feeling overwhelmed by all they have to accomplish in their work lives, they can feel deeply out of balance. One of the big issues that life coaches can help their clients with is managing their professional and personal time better so that they can feel that they have a better sense of balance in their lives.

How can you tell if you are struggling with time management and general work / life balance issues? For starters, are you able to leave your work behind once you leave the office, or do you find yourself thinking about your work non-stop even when you leave the office? Do you feel overworked much of the time? Perhaps you even feel overworked ALL of the time? Do you find yourself checking your work email day and night? (On a similar note, are your collections emailing you work-related messages day and night? If so, this is not healthy and it may be necessary to implement firmer boundaries.)

Indeed, if the overall culture of your work environment fosters an atmosphere of "workaholism," this can be a problem not just for you, but for all of your co-workers as well. (Perhaps the life coach you end up hiring for yourself can give a presentation about time management and work / life balance to everyone in your office if these are in fact office-wide problems.)

Life coaches understand that many Americans feel overworked a great deal of the time and generally overwhelmed by their work-related responsibilities. In fact, there are some life coaches who actually specialize in helping people attain a better work / life balance. When you are in the process of interviewing potential life coaches, you will probably want to ask each of the people you are interviewing if this is one of their areas of expertise.

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