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Mastering Work Life Balance And Why Business Owners Never Achieve It (The Elusive Work Life Balance)

Do you really know how to create work life balance and end the tug of war power struggle between your family commitments and business goals so that you can create your dream life?

This article will guide you through the 7 reasons why your dream life remains an elusive goal.

The prize is to significantly improve performance, happiness and fulfilment.

And you do want to achieve all of your business goals and have a happy fulfilling personal life don’t you?

The Psychology of work life balance

Most people get work life balance round the wrong way and fit “life” in around work. The most effective way of creating work life balance is to put your life centre stage rather than your life being a slave to your business.

The Power of the Mind

The human mind is incredibly powerful and its state is critical in your ability to create life/work balance and have the life you dream of.

In a moment I’m going to connect you with a powerful blueprint for creating work life balance. Firstly, though I’m going to walk you through those 7 reasons and see how many resonate with you.

Reason #1: No one tells you how to achieve it

Everyone talks about having work-life balance, yet no-one really tells you how to create it.

Reason #2: Lack of direction

There’s an old cliché that comes from the world of project management that quite simply says if you don’t know where you going you won’t know when you are there, and that is also true of your life – just where are you heading and how are you getting there?

Reason #3: Job Satisfaction

Professional service business leaders crave a deeply satisfying business – yet what have they got to measure this against, and do they really know how to achieve it?

Reason #4: Letting life’s baggage hold you back

All too often we (and I do include myself) let our past dictate who we are, and what we are being in a negative way, instead of using it as a positive influence on who we are and want to become.

Reason #5: Overcoming the solution

If you take away the baggage that is holding you back and suddenly start working regular hours – just what are you going to fill those addition hours with. Often it’s the fear of the solution that holds us back.

Reason #6: The Fear Factor

Fear manifests itself in a number of ways, fear of the past, future, and the fear of change.

Reason #7: Accepting the Status Quo and taking no action

So often entrepreneurs have everything in place to achieve massive goals and the only barrier to their success is in them taking action and implementing the changes necessary to make their dreams come true.

Bonus Tip

The limitation over what we can achieve is often defined by the scope of our imagination and we spend a lifetime convincing ourselves that “it can’t be done”, so cast of your doubts and limiting beliefs and take action.

The Bottom Line

Life is a choice and you can have what you want, just decide what you want, set your goals and take action to create your dream life – and you do want your dream life don’t you?

Source by Chris Hallett

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