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Online Job Search – 5 Methods to Find a Suitable Job


Online job search is quite common these days. In this digital age when everything is going online, the employers, recruiters and job seekers have chosen online platforms to interact with each other.

Internet offers a flexible, dynamic and 24×7-live environment. Finding job online is easy and it saves time as well. In this article I would discuss 5 most used and helpful job searching platforms of the internet.

Use Search Engines:

Search engines are the source of information on the internet for many. You put your query in the search box and search engines fetch few relevant web pages from millions. Use the power of search engines to find a job online.

In your search string, include the industry name, your career skills and add the term 'jobs' at the end. Try different combination of the search phrases to reach new sites. Use local search engines, or include the name of your city in the search term to get information about local job openings.

Assume you are looking for a career in journalism; search for journal jobs. And if you are looking for openings in California, modify your search term to make it "journalism jobs California".

Visit Employers' Websites:

If you know who the biggies in your target industry are, just go to their websites and explore the career opportunities with them.

Most companies maintain a section on websites wherein they display current job openings along with job responsibilities. Just check if your profile suits with the requirements; if it does, then express interest. Follow the instructions given on the website.

In case they ask you to send resume, follow resume writing guidelines to prepare your resume. Do not forget to attach a cover letter.

Hit Job Portals:

Visit job search engines, job listing websites, job boards and job banks to check if there is any suitable vacancy for you. Job providers, employers, HR managers and recruiters frequent these boards to post jobs online. These are the good places to find a job in any industry.

Some of the job portals allow job seekers to upload their resume so that they can get offers from employers directly. Upload your resume and subscribe to the newsletters of these job portals to stay informed.

Also, look for some good career advice and career education sites to learn about the industry buzz and modern developments.

Join Social Networks for Professionals:

Online social networks are in the pulse of the day. Join these networks, specify your interests and network with entrepreneurs and recruiters.

There are social networks mean for professionals. Join these communities and keep a close eye on vacancy and current opening section.

Browse Classifieds – Help Wanted Columns

Surf online classified ads and ad listing websites. Visit the help wanted, situation vacant columns for suitable offers. Join their mailing list, if any, to stay informed about latest job openings.

You can follow any or all of the above mentioned online job search methods. Online job searching is the easiest way to find permanent, temporary, freelance or home based jobs in any industry!

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