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Work-Life Balance Checklist

1) Do you have a 'to-do' list?
2) Do you have a 'not-to-do' list?
3) Do you review and prioritize your 'to-do' list?
4) Do you have a review schedule – daily, weekly, monthly, annually?
5) Do you schedule 'quality time' with family and friends?
6) Do you maintain the scheduled quality time with family and friends?
7) Do you switch off communication devices like email, phone when spending time with family or friends?
8) Do you have mentors, advisors outside your family and job?
9) Do you speak to your mentors and advisors regularly about your progress, future goals and seek their guidance?
10) Do you meet your friends in a social setup where you have non-family, non-office discussions?
11) Do you have a hobby which you actively practice?
12) Do you participate or lead social service programs?
13) Do you give back to society, not just in monetary means, but using your knowledge and time?
14) Do you participate in social groups like church or clubs?
15) Do you keep a physically active life-style?
16) Do you have and contribute to a retirement investment plan?
17) Do you constantly learn new things?
18) Do you spend quality time alone reflecting on your achievements and planning next goals?
19) Do you challenge yourself?
20) Do you strive to keep the promises you made?
21) Do you help your friends without expecting any returns of favor?
22) Do you enjoy the little things in life?
23) Do you give the best you can?
24) Do you review when you fail and note the reasons for failure?
25) Do you celebrate your victories, even little ones?

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