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Work Life Balance – Remember Your Own Interests and Hobbies

Do not neglect your own interests and hobbies.

What happens when life gets too busy and you do not have the balance you wish for? You may be so involved in satisfying the demands of others, whether at work or at home, that you easily put to your side your own need for time for yourself.

Time for yourself is an important part of self-care and a vital component for work-life balancing you have to address. So many people let go of their own needs when they feel overwhelmed by requests others make of them.

So what can you do to have the time to spend some time each week doing something just for you?

Boundaries: define what you will not put up with any more. If someone is 'taking you for a ride and making excuses for not doing what they should be doing and expecting you to cover for them, then tell them' no, I'm not prepared to do your work anymore, and stop doing it.

Separate your desire to be helpful from what your role is and what is expected of you in that role. Covering up for someone else's shortcomings is probably not part of it. That's what your manager's role is: to sort out these sort of problems.

Unless you are the manager, in which case you have to acquire the skill of 'stepping out' from the situation and deciding what to do.

If you've been too busy for years to have any hobbies or outside interests that could be a reason why you are not more careful about boundary setting.

Think back a few years, sometimes back to when you were at school and ask yourself what you really enjoyed back then. Sometimes that would be something to re-visit and become interested in once more.

For your general health and well being an excellent hobby or interest would be something which connects with your body, mind or spirit.

Some which seem to be mainly physical will also have benefits of mind and spirit too. Yoga is an example as are aerobic exercise such as dancing or running.

Creative activities such as painting or pottery, or musical such as singing or playing an instrument all connect with your mind and spirit.

If you like helping others and want to do so in an out of work context you might consider volunteering for a project which involved either fund-raising or one to one help to people who are in need.

Whatever you decide to do, make your own interests and hobbies an important designated part of each week and notice the difference you experience in your work life balance and general well-being.

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